Uber mandates mask selfie verification before ride.

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While the whole world now is ‘put behind the masks,’ there remain few people who are dubious about the masking protocol. Their ‘anti-mask’ campaign is a violation of the minimum safety protocol.

Their clear notion of not wearing a mask has resonance strangely of a catholic, religious centric defense or a contradictory concern of health issue.

However, the people raised here as a concern belongs to neither of these groups. They are an ignorant bunch who do not care to come out with a mask, abiding by the government protocols as basic safety standards to safeguard their own as well as their surrounding people’s health. But, unfortunately, these protocols remain somewhat ‘suspended’ to a superficial level and fails to permeate their basic conscience of the importance of wearing a mask.

Every day, WHO and millions of companies, governments, and different agencies are struggling to draft and redraft pages of protocols, issue kits, and essential minimum protective tools and brochures with detailed ‘to-do list’ that center around public safety amidst this pandemic.

But some people, despite being a part of the common mass, remain negligent to these essential and mandatory health concerns, which is further risking the whole system and affecting it adversely.

Recently, like every other travel industry, the renowned carpool business UBER too had been busy trying to surge back to its position after the long-stagnant period of shutdown. With the promotion of the Standard Operation procedures, it had provided masks and basic sanitizing kits, which were followed by the drivers. However, the riders still seemed lagging. The U.S.A. has reported:

99.5% of all Uber trips since mid-May had been completed without driver or rider complaints about masks.

While people are still trying to catch up with the risk of the intensity of this pandemic, utter ignorance is not the right answer. Uber, thus has introduced a Uber mask selfie verification procedures to assure that both the drivers and users have their masks on. On the compulsion of such a protocol, Sachin Kansal, Uber’s Senior Director of Product Management comments:

We definitely wanted to make sure that we are targeting this feature to riders who are maybe just coming back to the platform and maybe they’re not aware of … our (mask) policy.

The institutionalization of ‘ No Mask No Ride’ had been initiated from May 18 but it seems that the active influence is yet to resume. Uber mask selfie verification however, this protocol does not require any AI-face recognition technology but a basic shaping of the picture with the mask prior to resuming a ride is compulsory as a policy requirement.

This Uber mask selfie verification protocol enables either of the driver and rider to give a penalty to the opposing party if they find them without masks, and the whole failure to comply can lead to account deactivation. Currently, this feature is to largely roll out in parts of the USA by the end of September.

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