Facebook Messenger had thought of a very welcoming space as a part of enriching the user experience. They want to provide the users with a safer and private messaging experience. Thus they are introducing a forwarding limit on Messenger.

This will enable the users to forward the messages to five people or groups at a time. This will make many more things possible. Things such as this will be an effective way to slow the spread of viral misinformation and harmful content. Such kinds of content are potentially harmful to the world and especially in social forums.

Jay Sullivan, the Director of Product Management, Messenger Privacy and Safety has said that controlling the spread of misinformation is as important as the global pandemic, the COVID-19.

These are the steps that have been taken to allow greater transparency and accurate information while people are communicating. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Community Hub gives people updated information and resources which will help people to keep safe.

The Voting Information Center and voter registration notifications will help people to know how to register for voting. The limits on messaging will help to stop those spreading violent, fake, and misinformation.

Certain features like safety notifications, two-factor authentication, and easier ways to block and report unwanted messages have been introduced by the Messenger recently. This will enable users to feel safer online.