Nintendo’s secret plan of a portable GameCube launch with a dock is leaked

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Nintendo’s internal secrets are coming out to the public on social forums. This includes the company’s plan for a Switch-like portable GameCube with a dock.

The dock will contain the GameCube controller ports along with slots for GameCube memory cards and SD Cards. The dock contained the GameCube controller ports, SD card / GC Memory Card slot, AV out, along with an optional TV tuner, MPEG4 Encoder, and wireless facilities.

Leaked data also shows a possible follow-up to the traditional GameCube. It would have an HD GameCube successor which is equally powerful as the Xbox 360 in 2005 before the Wii came to the market.

A leaked PowerPoint presentation has shown the HD GameCube project. It seems to be made in collaboration with the technology company ATI which is now a part of AMD, which collaborated with Nintendo as well.

The device, unlike its contemporary console rivals, would be a “dedicated gaming device” and be “differentiated from competitors by price point”. Though Nintendo grew over this concept, the GameCube’s sales had eventually failed.

Nintendo shifted to the Wii following that but the portability of the GameCube which can be attached to a TV dock can be seen in both Wii and Switch. July’s “gigaleak” of top-secret Nintendo data included design documentation and source code for several games based on the Pokemon designs.

Gigaleak had shown Star Fox 2 prototypes last month, displaying data and content from The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask and the truth about Luigi hiding in Super Mario 64. Only Nintendo can say if all these speculations are true or not.

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