Part of the process of registering your LLC is naming your LLC. This is actually the first step of the procedure and it is advised not to rush this part, since it will become the permanent name of your legal entity. There can be a few bumps on the road when coming up with a name, such as the question as to whether ‘an LLC name has to be unique?’

In this article, we will discuss what needs to be considered when coming up with an LLC name and some tips that can help you along the way.

Coming up with the name

You may already have an idea for your LLC name, but it is at most important to check if the name you have come up with already exists under another business. There is a solution for this, by checking on the U.S. Federal Trademark Search to see if your name is indeed unique or if you need to come up with a different one.

If you are struggling with an idea for a name, there are free online business name generators available to help you at this stage of the process. You can brainstorm ideas online, by checking words that match with each other, to see if they look good or sound good.

Does your name have to be unique?

No matter what field your business is in, there will always be competition. With the market that you have settled in, there is a chance that your name for your LLC may already be similar to an existing business or the same. This is not allowed and your LLC name can be rejected from the state that you are applying in.

In order to be clever about your name and to make it unique, it is best to be creative and think out of the box. While you might want your name to link to your business sector, you have to keep in mind that it needs to be memorable and it needs to stick with your clients, employees, or investors. Your LLC name matters, because it is basically what sets the first impression to everyone who views your business.

Regardless of the name that you choose, it has to include LLC or Limited Liability Company, so make sure that you choose a name that works well with that. It doesn’t matter what field your business is in, some words cannot be part of an LLC name.

Examples are anything government or federal related and words that are restricted such as attorney, bank, university. If you need these kinds of words to be part of your LLC name, extra paperwork is required.

Obtaining the name and domain

Once you have generated a business name for your LLC, it is advised to also obtain a domain name. This can benefit you along the way of registering your LLC so that you don’t face any complications if you want to set up your business online. It is also beneficial if you use a free logo maker for your name so that you look professional and you save yourself time for the other steps of registering for an LLC.

LLC Company Name

Our say

It is best to avoid adding your personal name to your LLC name since you will not have the privacy that is needed as an individual. In order to protect yourself and your LLC company, you should come up with a name that’s fictitious and relates strongly to your business. Creating a name that is unique helps you stand out and gives you a better chance of your LLC name not being rejected from the state that you are registering in.

If you cannot create a short name for your business, then at least consider a name that will be memorable and appealing to potential clients. An LLC name is an important contribution to the brand of your business and what you stand for.

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