Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 30,380,035
    Confirmed: 30,380,035
    Active: 7,365,970
    Recovered: 22,062,915
    Death: 951,150
  • USA 6,875,103
    Confirmed: 6,875,103
    Active: 2,517,229
    Recovered: 4,155,655
    Death: 202,219
  • India 5,214,677
    Confirmed: 5,214,677
    Active: 1,017,722
    Recovered: 4,112,551
    Death: 84,404
  • Brazil 4,457,443
    Confirmed: 4,457,443
    Active: 569,330
    Recovered: 3,753,082
    Death: 135,031
  • Russia 1,091,186
    Confirmed: 1,091,186
    Active: 170,784
    Recovered: 901,207
    Death: 19,195
  • Peru 750,098
    Confirmed: 750,098
    Active: 124,439
    Recovered: 594,513
    Death: 31,146
  • Mexico 684,113
    Confirmed: 684,113
    Active: 123,518
    Recovered: 488,416
    Death: 72,179
  • South Africa 655,572
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 655,572
    Active: 54,497
    Recovered: 585,303
    Death: 15,772
  • Spain 625,651
    Confirmed: 625,651
    Active: 595,246
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 30,405
  • Chile 441,150
    Confirmed: 441,150
    Active: 15,080
    Recovered: 413,928
    Death: 12,142
  • Iran 416,198
    Confirmed: 416,198
    Active: 36,741
    Recovered: 355,505
    Death: 23,952
  • France 415,481
    Confirmed: 415,481
    Active: 293,546
    Recovered: 90,840
    Death: 31,095
  • UK 381,614
    Confirmed: 381,614
    Active: 339,909
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 41,705
  • Bangladesh 345,805
    Confirmed: 345,805
    Active: 88,589
    Recovered: 252,335
    Death: 4,881
  • Saudi Arabia 328,144
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 328,144
    Active: 16,538
    Recovered: 307,207
    Death: 4,399
  • Pakistan 304,386
    Confirmed: 304,386
    Active: 6,295
    Recovered: 291,683
    Death: 6,408
  • Turkey 298,039
    Confirmed: 298,039
    Active: 26,979
    Recovered: 263,745
    Death: 7,315
  • Italy 293,025
    Confirmed: 293,025
    Active: 41,413
    Recovered: 215,954
    Death: 35,658
  • Germany 269,298
    Confirmed: 269,298
    Active: 18,539
    Recovered: 241,300
    Death: 9,459
  • Canada 140,867
    Confirmed: 140,867
    Active: 8,558
    Recovered: 123,109
    Death: 9,200
  • Netherlands 88,073
    Confirmed: 88,073
    Active: 81,807
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,266
  • China 85,255
    Confirmed: 85,255
    Active: 165
    Recovered: 80,456
    Death: 4,634
  • Australia 26,861
    Confirmed: 26,861
    Active: 2,169
    Recovered: 23,855
    Death: 837
  • S. Korea 22,783
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 22,783
    Active: 2,635
    Recovered: 19,771
    Death: 377
  • New Zealand 1,809
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,809
    Active: 70
    Recovered: 1,714
    Death: 25

Lucid will launch the 2021 Air model competing with Tesla’s e-vehicles

Author at TechGenyz Automobile
2021 Lucid Air

Lucid releases 2021 Air as a direct competition to Tesla. The luxury electric car will be priced lesser than 80,000 US dollars. The Mass production will begin later in 2020, and the first Lucid Air model is expected to begin its delivery in the spring of 2021.

Lucid will push the 2021 Air Dream version sooner and it will be priced at $169,000 which is excluding US federal tax credits and any other incentives. This car is equipped with dual electric motors that produce an output of 1080 horsepower, and all-wheel drive comes standard along with it.

It can accelerate to 100 kilometers in 2.5 seconds, and the top speed is 168mph, and it takes 9.9 seconds to run a quarter of a mile. At this time, the car speed reaches 144mph.

With the addition of the standard battery pack, it has been estimated by the EPA that the 21-inch AeroDream tires can have a range of 465 miles, that can be accelerated to 503 miles with the 19-inch version. The battery supports DC fast charging as well.

Lucid said that after the launch, Air will be the fastest charging electric car in history. By using a high-rated charger, the user can get a cruising range of up to 20 miles per minute or 300 miles in 20 minutes. A turnkey charging network has been established by Lucid in the United States in association with Electrify America, where users can charge for free.

Lucid will use its LEAP (Lucid Electric Advanced Platform) architecture and shrink the hood and rear suspension to optimize the interior space of the cabin and make the car look wonderful. Thus it will yield 9.9 cubic feet of frunk and more than 26 cubic feet of storage space for car owners.

There is the 34-inch curved “Glass Cockpit 5K” display above the dashboard for the driver as well as a retractable “Pilot Panel” center console, which can slide like an iPad.

Button switches such as audio system volume and climate control can be found on it. There is voice-controlled local support for Amazon Alexa in the infotainment system. It will also support smart speakers, such as streaming music and smart home control, control of electric vehicle air conditioning and navigation functions alongside.

Visual feedback can be obtained in the dashboard display. Though it will not be fully automatic, advanced driver assistance (ADAS) functions can be provided by Lucid later. The standard configuration of the Air will have 32 sensors installed on the car that includes cameras, radar, ultrasonic, and lidar for a secondary and tertiary Level auxiliary function with cruise control and lane-keeping.

The exterior will be Stellar White (white), Infinite Black (black), or Dream version and there will also be an exclusive Eureka Gold (gold) variant, in addition, the car will also have a unique Santa Monica theme decoration.

Lucid also plans to launch other cheaper models like the 2021 Air Grand Touring whose price excluding discounts is $139,000. This electric car will have a driving range of up to 517 miles and a power of 800 horsepower, which can complete 100 kilometers of acceleration in 3.0 seconds, with a top speed of 168mph.

The Air Touring, which starts at $95,000 has a cruising range of 406 miles, a power of 620 horsepower, an acceleration time of 3.2 seconds per 100 kilometers, and a top speed of 155mph.

Lucid has also promised a less than $80,000 Air model which may be launched later in 2022. There will be support for fast DC charging, but other specifications have not been disclosed yet.