Ubisoft Montreal Studio who formerly created Assassins Creed has decided to remake the legendary Prince of Persia. The studio had been planning the remake for the last three years. However, leaked footage ahead of the planned release has created hullabaloo among netizens, particularly the game lovers.

Although motifs and symbols of Prince of Persia, in a piece of promotional art, has been spotted by fans yesterday. The keen-sighted ResetEra user AndrewDTF has spotted the leak and that has made all the differences. This leaked footage has already initiated an array of reactions among game mongers and memes have already started spurring.

Along with the leaked footage, motifs, and symbols of Prince of Persia, Retailer Amazon has listed ‘Prince of Persia Remake’ for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The listings on Amazon’s UK site have a placeholder release date of December 31 and a price point of £34.99.

Keeping in mind all the evidence and the hullabaloo, it can be expected that Ubisoft is planning to come up with a remake of Prince of Persia, the legendary game from 2008’s.