Asus 6z,Max Pro M1,Max Pro M2 and Max M2 receive latest Google security update

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Asus India has announced that the latest Google security update can now be downloaded on Asus 6z, Max Pro M1, Asus Max Pro M2 and Asus Max M2.

The security updates are released monthly by Google and are important for the safety of your phone. The world connected via the internet is never safe and multiple security flaws keep showing up in the Android components on a monthly basis. Therefore Google releases its monthly security patches in a dedicated manner to promptly address these flaws.

There is a certain difference in how these patch updates get accessed. Unlike an application or an API update, the security patches can only reach the phones through their manufactures. In other words, they are not delivered directly to the devices like the app updates.

Only when the manufacturers integrate these changes in their custom Android skins, can they become available and be released to the respective devices as a system update. And obviously some companies do it better and faster than others.

The users of Asus 6z, Max Pro M1, Asus Max Pro M2 and Asus Max M2 have been eagerly waiting for an Android 10 update on their devices. As of now, they can be content with the fact that their devices are at the least receiving the latest security update.

The latest Google security update will consist of patches for vulnerabilities discovered in the three major areas: Android framework, the Linux kernel, and closed-source vendor components from companies like Qualcomm. The closed-source vendor components could be from other companies as well. It will definitely help in ramping up security.

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