Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
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Oppo ColorOS 11 Beta is rolled out based on Android 11 for 28 devices

Author at TechGenyz Mobile

Since 2013, Oppo has been providing its Android-based mobile operating system ColorOS for its own devices. In 2018, as the Android 9 was released, Oppo came up with ColorOS 6 and was followed by Color OS 7 based on Android 10. Now, Oppo has finally released their ColorOS 11 Beta based on the Android 11 version. This new OS started to roll out from September 14, 2020, onwards.

The new ColorOS 11 aims to give the users a more rich Android-based mobile experience with this new version. Oppo has intrigued some of the Android 11’s best features with its own established features to ensure the smooth performance of its devices.

Therefore, with ColorOS 11 Beta, you will get everything from dark mode, bubbles, the conversation view for notifications to Oppo’s very own three-finger screenshot search, customizable UI and many more.

What’s new with ColorOS 11 Beta?

With this ColorOS 11 Beta, Oppo aims to bring changes in three aspects- All Around customization, Seamless Experience and finally Smoothness and more. Oppo has also consulted with its partners to add up Google lens, Google camera, photo album, integrated Google assistant custom action on Oppo devices.

It has also included manage conversations, privacy setting and more added features are available on this latest version of ColorOS. This time, they also have incorporated the lens translate feature into Oppo’s iconic three-finger screenshot flow.

All Around Customization

In order to improve its performance, Oppo has consulted with its users and has come up with different ideas UI customization. More than 1500 volunteers have tried the trial version of the customization additional dark mode colour scheme and have provided their feedback.

With ColorOS 7, the users could customize the image and text of the always-on display. But the new ColorOS 11 will let them modify the color, form and layout of the display template along with those.

The customizable always-on display feature or AOD will allow the users to customize their phones creating or selecting various patterns along with their customizable special signatures.

Another feature, Oppo Sans supports variable font weight with which users can make final customization. The font display option can also be changed into multiples. This feature is also free for commercial use. The customizable dark mode includes pitch dark, grey dark and light dark modes. The users can select any one of them according to their wishes.

One of the most exciting features that Oppo is offering is the Oppo Relax 2.0. This offers soothing sounds to help them relax and reduce their stress. The Oppo Relax is inspired by the sound of the nature, daily life and of the cities to cherish the sweet memories that you have of your own. Users can also customize the playlist through this feature.

Seamless Experience

Oppo has introduced features like flex drop, floating window, a smart sidebar to give the users a chance to experience the improved smoothness of its devices. The Flex drop makes multitasking easier and more fun. You can just swipe up to choose whether you want to resize the app into a small floating window or even a smaller mini window.

You can also drag and draw to share files to different apps through the floating window. These features will be available on the new ColosOS version by October 2020.

Oppo is also introducing Hyper Boost, a system-level speed up screen developed by ColorOS that consists of touch, frame, sync optimization and more. This will offer the users a smoother experience with third-party apps.

Newly added Ultra Steady mode will help to detect movements and stabilize video filming. Other than these, the HDR video feature will let the users to capture more details while filming. The Nearby Share feature will make sharing files easier both online and offline.

Smoothness and more

With the improvement of UI first, RAM utilization of OPPO devices is boosted by 45%, therate of response is improved by 32% and frame rate stability is increased to 17% for ColorOS 11.

The new ColorOS comes with UI first 2.0 that is combined with Oppo’s quantum animation engine. The Quantum animation 2.0 makes the device smoother and better than before.

The battery setup optimization comes with features including super power-saving mode and battery guard for ColorOS 11. Battery Guard feature tracks your charging routine and adjusts the charging pattern according to it. Additionally, the super night-time stand-by mode will make sure only less battery is consumed when you forget to charge your phone at night.

The Scoped Storage feature will control separated storage space, making sure each app will have its own files. Any app-related folders will be removed when the app is deleted. Furthermore, the private system feature will provide the users private system protected with a password or a fingerprint to secure your personal data.


The ColorOS 11 Beta is based on Android 10 and has already started to roll out. This new OS will be available for Oppo Find X2, Find X2 Pro and Find X2 Pro (Automobil Lamborghini edition) from September 14, 2020, onwards. It will be available on Reno3 4G, Reno3 Pro 4G and F17 Pro from September 30 onwards.

Afterward, Oppo Reno4 Pro 5G, Reno4 5G, Reno4 Pro 4G, Reno4 4G, F1, F11 Pro, F11 Pro (Marvel’s Avengers Limited edition), A9, A92, A72, and A52 will be getting the ColorOS 11 from the fourth quarter of 2020. The schedule also shows that Reno 10x Zoom, Reno2, Reno2 F, Reno2 Z, Reno3 Pro 5G, A91 and F15 will get the new OS from the first quarter of 2021. It will be followed by Reno, Reno Z, A5 2020, A9 2020 which will get the ColorOS 11 from the second quarter of 2021.