Tesla to build the largest charging station in California

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Tesla, over the years, has built several supercharging stations, and those are scattered globally. According to recent news, the company is currently building a new large-scale charging station in California, USA.

The new charging station is likely to become the largest supercharging station in the world. It should be mentioned that the charging stations have also made the selling point of electric cars stronger, and so, Tesla has taken a vow to increase the number of such stations.

According to sources, over the years Tesla’s market has grown exponentially, and the sales and car ownership also have skyrocketed. Under these circumstances, the company needs to expand its infrastructure while at the same time making sure that enough service centers, mobile service fleets, and charging stations are available for those cars.

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Among all of these, the charging stations have to be one of Tesla’s strongest suits. Only last year, the company had introduced a more advanced technology which ensured a faster-charging speed through the V3 charging pile.

However, Tesla had to face some issues since the manufacturer of the new charging piles took a hit, and subsequently, the growth rate of the Tesla charging station came to a halt.

Overcoming this hurdle, Tesla now has accelerated the deployment and construction of supercharging stations and is honed in on building a large-scale charging station. Firebaugh, California is apparently the site chosen by Tesla for the massive charging station.

According to the company itself, the new charging station will have 56 charging points. The one in China is equipped with 50 charging piles. The documents further reveal that a convenience store and a restaurant will also be built near the large charging station.

Los Angeles was supposed to have the biggest charging point for Tesla, but due to some reasons, that plan did not materialize. The new charging station is fanned over an area of 15.6 acres. Moreover, the company has plans to expand its charging stations not only in the US but also all over Europe, starting in Germany.

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