Top productivity tips for Windows 10 users

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At work, you’ve got a million things on your plate. As such, you’re always looking for ways to get things done faster. If your end goal is stress-free, flowing productivity, make the most of the tools Microsoft provides. 

In today’s post, we’ll share our top Windows 10 tips and tricks – let’s get moving!     

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Make a “To-Do list with Sticky notes 

Never start any workday without a solid to-do list. By highlighting your top 1-3 objectives, your workflow will become less chaotic. However, that’s easier said than done, as many “to-do” apps require endless alt+tabbing. 

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Sticky Notes doesn’t have this problem. A native app within Windows 10, Sticky Notes is a text-based notepad that mimics the appearance of Post-Its. Unlike Notepad, however, Sticky Notes always remains on top. 

And unlike their paper-based cousins, Sticky Notes are made of 100% electrons – no more wasted paper! 

Tile apps using Snap 

Alt+tabbing between applications works for some, but not for others. If you hate clicking between windows, we have a productivity hack you’ll LOVE.  

When Windows 10 is shipped, it came with an app called Snap. This feature allows you to take app windows and split them into halves/quarters. Rather than click between apps or spamming alt+tab, your most important windows are open – ALL the time. 

When you combine Snap with a multiple monitor setup, it can explode your productivity. According to, switching to a dual-monitor can increase output by 20-30 percent.    

Switch between apps with the task view 

But, what if you’re an incurable alt+tabber? What if, instead of mashing this key combo dozens of times, you could get to the right app in a few keystrokes? Windows 10 has made that possible with Task View. 

To activate it, hit Win+tab, or click on the Task View icon on the taskbar. Do this, and Windows 10 will present you with a global view of every app you have open. Not only that, but it’ll also show you every file you’ve opened in the past three days. 

Scroll through inactive Windows 

Are you already making use of a tiled work set up? As you actively work in one window, you’ll often refer to information in the other. Unfortunately, most reference content fills more than one screen. To scroll down, you’ll need to click in the inactive window. Needless to say, this can get annoying. 

Stop this pet peeve by enabling inactive window scrolling. To do this, open Settings. Then, click on Devices, and lastly, Mouse/Touchpad. Scroll down until you find the option, “Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them”. If it’s disabled, turn it on. 

Just like that, you’ll be able to scroll effortlessly through reference sites/documents. 

Stop All (Or Most) Windows 10 notifications 

Microsoft programs have a history of trying to “help” users, only to annoy them. Remember the Microsoft Office paperclip? We rest our case.

Windows 10 notifications are the same way. For example, every time Windows Defender does a virus scan, it proudly announces the results – even if nothing’s wrong. Congratulations – your computer is malware-free for the 43,476th time! Umm… thanks?   

Fortunately, you can change how/when Windows 10 sends notifications. If you don’t want to see ANY, simply switch the “Get Notifications…” button off.  

But, what if you only want to shut off specific notifications? Scroll lower and you’ll find slider buttons for each program. Switch off the offenders, and you won’t get irritating messages from these apps anymore.   

Set up work and play virtual desktops 

The internet is a double-edged sword. It can fuel enormous productivity gains, but it can also enormously distract you. If you fall into the latter camp, virtual desktops could save your workday. 

The Virtual Desktop launched with Windows 10. Effectively, the Virtual Desktop allows you to create two separate computers within your computer. Pack one desktop with all your work apps – for full effect, use browser add-ons like Leechblock.  

Make your second desktop your “play” desktop. On it, you can run whatever apps you like, with no restrictions. 

Switch to night mode after dark 

Time flies when you’re working hard. Now, we respect the hustle. However, the blue light your monitor emits can wreak havoc with your sleep schedule. In the long run, fatigue will lower your productivity. 

So, if you plan on burning the Midnight oil, switch on Night Mode after sunset. Officially called Night Light, this Windows 10 app changes the hue of your screen. In doing so, you’ll rest easier at night – trust us.  

Productivity: It’s in your hands 

Ultimately, no tool can get your work done for you. It sucks, but you have to crack the whip on yourself. However, many of the tactics in this piece to your hustle, and we’re confident you’ll pump out more content than ever. 

Eager to learn even more tricks? Find more tips for Windows 10 users by clicking the link. 

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