Since the conception of the idea of the Chromebooks, these laptops have always been geared towards or have targeted a particular consumer community which consists mostly of office goers and students. It has always been evident that the Chromebooks are generally offered to these particular segments of the consumer community.

This is not to say that the developers stopped developing the further Chromebook ecosystem. Over the years the Chromebook ecosystem has seen some of the rapid developments, and its consequence has been that the Chromebooks have become more and more perfect, and its ecosystem comes with many outstanding features and rich applications.

However, the one fact remains is that after all the developments done, Chromebooks are not yet suitable for gaming. Since the gaming market too has expanded exponentially, Google is looking to tap into that territory with the Chromebooks as well; subsequently, Google has opened a premium gaming area on the Google Play Store to introduce the best Android games for the Chromebooks.

This, however, does not mean that the Chromebooks are incapable of running games on it; the Chromebooks are merely not suitable for running and playing the expensive games we usually see on PCs and gaming consoles.

Currently, Chromebooks are devoid of any decent games, and the page games that are offered have not matured or improved yet. Also, a notable fact is, Chromebooks can run Android games.

To highlight the ones that Google Chromebooks can run without any hindrances, the tech giant has set up special care for these games. Some of these games cost at least one dollar, and it offers some exclusive benefits and bundles to some of the Chromebook users. Chromebook supports Google’s Stadia along with NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW game streaming. Apart from supporting these games, the Chromebooks can also run Steam Link or even Steam’s Linux Client.