On Thursday, from Pad 39A of NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, a SpaceX Falcon rocket was scheduled to launch 60 new Starlink satellite at 2.19 p.m. EDT (1819 GMT). The uncanniness lies in the fact that the mission was chucked off by SpaceX just 15 minutes before the scheduled takeoff due to the “recovery issue”.

SpaceX will not try to launch on Friday (Sept. 18), the next available opportunity, because of expected bad weather in the recovery zone, the company added in another Thursday tweet. (The recovery zone is the patch of ocean where the Falcon 9 first stage will land on a SpaceX “drone ship” shortly after liftoff.) A new target date has not yet been announced.

Although the next available opportunity for the launch can be September 18, bad weather in the recovery zone will probably delay the process. The company via Twitter post has confirmed the fact. The new scheduled date for the launch is yet to be announced.