Google Pay Flutter is now available in open beta in India and Singapore

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From launching only as a simple payment app three years ago to being one of the payment apps through which the users could also get loans instantly through banks, Google Pay has come a long way.

The developers too have learnt a lot from it, and over the years, the people behind Google Pay, wanted to come up with a solution that would keep the UI clean, while at the same time, made it easier for the developers so that they had to write it only once and be able to deploy to both iOS and Android platforms.

The manpower or the engineering resources necessary for such development had been limited. After brainstorming to overcome this obstacle, Google announced that it has picked Flutter as their number one choice.

According to the recent Google blog post, the three things that made Flutter their choice are, as mentioned in the post, –

We could write once in Dart and deploy on both iOS and Android, which led to a uniform best-in-class experience on both Android and iOS; Just-in-Time compiler with hot reload during development enabled rapid iteration on UI which tremendously increased developer efficiency; and Ahead-of-time compilation ensured high-performance deployment.

At first, the engineers endowed with this task created a vertical slice of the app and tried to go about using a hybrid approach, which they had to rewrite. During the second trial when Flutter was used, it proved to be an instant hit, especially since the developers could get instant feedback while developing, and it made development easier.

After months of rewriting and hard work, Google Pay Flutter implementation is now available in open beta in India and Singapore. The users interested to take part in the beta program could do so by vising the Google Play Store page for Google Pay and opt into the beta program.

After the beta test is complete, Google will launch Google Pay on Flutter globally both on the iOS and Android platforms, making the payments app one of the largest production deployments on the Flutter platform.

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