China first launched its satellite in 1970 and since then Chinese space technology has drastically improved. Some months back, China launched three satellites to support its project Apocalypse Constellation initiated by Beijing Guodian Gaoke Technology Co. Ltd.

According to the latest news, the company is deploying a new low-orbit satellite for the Internet of Things Apocalypse Constellation before the end of 2021.

Project Apocalypse Constellation is handled by the Beijing Guodian Hi-Tech, a major high-tech enterprise. Currently, they are constructing and operating China’s first low-orbit satellite Internet of Things constellation for the project. Apocalypse Constellation aims to test key technology for the Internet of Things in space.

The Apocalypse Constellation is supposed to have 38 low-orbit satellites and at present,7 satellites are already in orbit network operation. These satellites provide satellite Internet of Things data services. The satellites are integrated to allow better satellite data services for global Internet of Things users.

Originally aimed for the hunt of Dark Matter, Apocalypse Constellation will now take a step further to realize the “air, space, earth and sea integration” for the Internet of Things ecosystem.

Goals for future

With this new satellite, Apocalypse Constellation project aims to discover new data for the Internet of Things to provide service for the global users.

This satellite will have the characteristics of global coverage, real-time communication and low power consumption. These abilities will help it to deliver data after covering the blind area of the ground communication network, comprehensively solving the data transmission problem of sea, air and land network blind area.

Furthermore, these data can be widely used In the fields of emergency communication and rescue, environmental protection monitoring, weather monitoring, smart cities, hazardous chemical transportation, aircraft tracking and monitoring, earthquake monitoring and forecasting, smart ocean, oil and gas pipeline network, smart agriculture, power pipeline network monitoring, wildlife protection etc.

Additionally, they will also serve the aviation, maritime, forestry, earthquake, water conservancy, environmental protection, meteorology, marine and other industry sectors, as well as the defense army and other fields.

All of the data and information brought by this Internet of Things Apocalypse Constellation project satellite will be a great help to global communication and networking.

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