We get it — life in lockdown is tough. But you don’t have to spend your quarantine staring at the wall. Take a look at the hobbies below to find something different, and a little more constructive, to do with your day in Quarantine life. 

1. Gaming

There is no time like the present to settle in with a good video game. Graphics, storylines, and gameplay have come a long way since Pong and PacMan. Play with your real-life friends or chat it up with other players in massively multiplayer online games (MMOG), like Fortnight. It’s the perfect mix of social interaction, social distancing, and a little friendly competition. 

Gaming hobbies in quarantine
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If a slow internet connection has kept you from success in the past, don’t let it keep you from improving your scores in 2020. You need a win this year, so don’t settle for laggy, slow gameplay. Figure out how to improve your gaming performance by partnering with a quality provider. For example, Cox’s Gaming Private Network (GPN) is a great way to take your game playing to the next level. 

2. Art

There are plenty of options if you want to improve your skills or dig into a new way to express yourself. Calligraphy, watercolours, and clay are just a few of your choices. Adult colouring is more popular than ever, so it’s easy to find a detailed colouring book or use an app. There are heaps of colouring, drawing, and painting apps available, so you can immerse yourself with a new project without a lot of extra expense.

Paint Art
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Look for virtual group painting classes for a little socialization and outside conversation. Whether you go with drawing, painting, or mixed media, finding a creative outlet during the pandemic won’t only entertain, it can provide a better way to relieve feelings of isolation and stress. 

3. Activity

During extended periods at home, with the stress of work, family, and an ongoing pandemic, it’s good to do something active. Tune into online yoga classes or apps, such as Glo. Guided meditation sessions are a simple way to help you destress after working another day from home. 

Credit: @dearseymour | Unsplash

Head outside to your own backyard. A change of scenery will do you good. In fact, a study released by the European Centre for Environment & Human Health at the University of Exeter revealed numerous health benefits from time spent in nature. These benefits included a lowering of blood pressure, a boost in mood, and self-esteem, all things that come in handy during a quarantine. 

4. Food

Get in the kitchen and make something other than boxed mac and cheese or frozen pizza. Cooking and baking are not only excellent life skills that can save you money, but they’re actually fun. Comb through your kitchen cabinets and see how you can take simple pantry staples and turn them into a memorable meal, dessert, or snack.

Food Cooking
Credit: @maxdelsid | Unsplash

Turn to online sources to get started. Start browsing blogs, read eBooks, and tune into YouTube videos for advice. Try out different cuisines or perfect a specific skill, like baking the perfect chocolate cake or loaf of bread. Your options are endless. 

hobbies in Quarantine

There is nothing like picking up a great new hobby to improve your lease on life. Whether you are learning a new skill or improving upon the one you already had, video games, physical activity, and art are excellent ways to pass the time. These hobbies make it easy to not only pass the time during quarantine but to have fun in the process. 

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