Many new products were being planned for launch by OnePlus at the beginning of the year and the new announcement proclaims the possible arrival of OnePlus Buds.

The new headphone, OnePlus Buds Z from the company will be launched on the 14th of October as it has been received from the official Twitter account.

It doesn’t come with an official name tag , but sources inform that the headphones weigh 4.35 grams only. The previous generation of Buds from OnePlus weighed 4.6 grams.

The users can experience immersive features and sound in the new Buds. There is not much information available on the colors or the quality but it has been noted that there will be OnePlus Buds Z which will be cheaper than the other available variants. The price of the Buds can be expected to be under $ 79.

Other products might also be launched at the event. We must wait for October 14 to see what the show has for us.