The tunnels created on the surface of the Moon a tremendous amount of time ago, by the volcanic eruptions, could prove to be a suitable place for the creation of human settlements inside those “lava tubes.” Satoshi Kodaira and other scientists at the Japanese Institute of Radiological Research came up with this new theory which could ensure human settlements on the Moon.

In the upcoming years, a few of the countries, including Japan, are planning to face each other concerning the exploration of some parts of the moon. The idea of creating a new human colony on the moon, is not very new, but this idea is reborn; this time the scientists are concerned with creating settlements there for long-term residence.

According to the Japanese space agency JAXA, the lava tunnels are tube-like compartments running almost vertically with a width of at least 100 meters, and with 50 kilometers of depth. To make a habitable settlement on the moon, the scientists also have to keep in mind the dangers of space radiation and the meteorites.

On the lunar surface, the radiation level is higher than on the ISS, and I think this creates a problem not only for humans, but also for equipment, interferes with long-term activities of people, and in some cases makes it impossible – explained Satoshi Kodaira.

These lava tunnels, according to Kodaira, would be able to provide protection from those. The fact that the temperature in the volcanic tunnels almost does not change, also makes it the perfect place for scientists to start thinking about building settlements there.

These lava tunnels could be used to create not only bases for the astronauts, but also entire cities could be built in it.

Japan plans to build a fuel plant on the moon by 2035. The plant is supposed to be located near the south pole of Moon where there might be large deposits of ice.

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