Did you realize? How AI has changed the way we live

If you’re looking for ways artificial intelligence will change your life, you’re likely no stranger to all the ways AI has already changed your life.

We are already seeing it happen to an extent, and things will move much faster shortly. You can look forward to a lot of menial tasks being automated shortly.

From the way, we shop online, the way we listen to music, to the way we use social media, the way we manage our finances thanks to machine learning algorithms for stock trading, and much more, they have all been transformed by AI already. 

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In this article, we’ll take a journey to the future and look at the ways AI will change our lives shortly.

By automating the most menial tasks

We are already seeing it happen to an extent, and things will move much faster shortly. You can look forward to a lot of menial tasks being automated shortly.

This can be data collection and processing to more physical tasks like working in a factory line. As artificial intelligence robots get smarter and have an easier time processing sound, text, and visuals, their applications will increase massively, and they’ll become a reasonable investment for many companies.

The next time you visit a fast food joint, you might be greeted with a robot.

Fundamental changes in the job market  

By changing the way we work, and by massive amounts of automation across all sectors, AI will fundamentally change the types of jobs we work on and how we interact in the workplace.

You might have not seen a lot of this recently, but the winds of change are brewing, and you’ll see the massive impact AI has on the next generations entering the job market.

Some jobs like driving are likely going to be deprecated in the next fifty years. Some other jobs will heavily rely on AI, we see this already in the medical field as doctors rely more and more on AI to detect certain diseases.

Our work is half of our lives, and the fact that AI will have such a massive impact on the kinds of work we do, it means it will also have a massive impact on our lives in general.

Small changes that snowball into a massive transformation 

Small changes here and there will slowly snowball into a massive transformation of our way of life and the way we conduct ourselves. We are already seeing it with the way we entertain ourselves and the way we consume media.

We can’t do it without AI algorithms at every step of the way. When we search for recommendations on Google, AI algorithms return the relevant results. When we look through the recommendations on Amazon, those are all their thanks to AI algorithms.

When looking for what to watch next on Netflix, you’re likely looking at a list generated by AI algorithms. When letting YouTube autoplay the next video automatically, that’s also AI. It is virtually ubiquitous at this point. If you wanted to get entertained without AI today, it would be a herculean task.

This is going to be true for many other areas of our lives as we continue to go forward. Our financial lives are already getting dominated by AI. Next will probably be transportation then maybe it’ll be music.

Nobody can know for sure, but what seems certain is that AI is gaining influence in many areas of our lives and this could result in a complete transformation soon.

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