Going to work during COVID-19: 5 Ways to stay paranoia-free



COVID-19 changed our way of life. When the virus first spread all over the globe, the world seemed to stop for a while. Most of us needed to stay at home, establishments, and offices had to close, and gatherings and long-distance travelling were prohibited.

Some of us continued to go to work even at the height of the pandemic. Many more, however, are only starting to go back to the office now as more states have the virus under control. With more people outside in public places, worrying about possible exposure to the virus while traveling to and staying at the workplace is unavoidable.

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Fortunately, going to work without worrying too much about COVID-19 is possible. 

How to go to work without worrying about COVID-19

Heading to work without the fear of catching COVID-19 and exposing other people to the virus can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. Some of the most recommended ways to do so include:

1. Wearing clean protective gear

The moment COVID-19 started to spread across continents, experts recommended the constant use of a face mask when you’re out and about. Protective gear will help prevent the possible spread of the virus and keeps you from touching your face with potentially dirty hands.

In some countries, citizens have also been required to wear face shields, especially in public places and confined spaces. This can help further prevent the spread of respiratory droplets that might harbor the virus. That said, wearing both, even when not required, will give you the most peace of mind.

Of course, make sure you wash your reusable masks or throw your disposable masks after wearing them. It’s also smart to always have an extra mask with you so you can change masks if needed. Lastly, don’t forget to wash and disinfect your face shield after every use.

2. Keeping your hands clean

Whether or not the SARS-CoV-2 virus can thrive on the objects you regularly touch, it’s still true that all unsanitized surfaces will have microorganisms that can cause illness. Hence, washing your hands for at least 20 seconds using soap and water is important. Considering our current situation, it’s best to do this as frequently as possible. If you can wash your hands every single time you touch an object that hasn’t been sanitized or washed, that would be great.

If that’s not possible, using 70% alcohol, a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content, or germicidal wipes is a great alternative.

Of course, you should still wash your hands as soon as you get the chance. Many people tend to treat using alcohol and hand sanitizers as a replacement to hand-washing. They’re merely alternatives during situations where hand-washing is impossible. At the end of the day, nothing beats soap and water when it comes to keeping your hands clean.

3. Keeping distance

Having the mindset that anyone (even you) might have the virus isn’t paranoia, but a way to protect yourself and others. As such, make sure to religiously observe social distancing. Staying at least one meter away from other people is the norm.

By doing so, you won’t feel agitated the whole time you’re traveling to work. You’re not giving anyone else easy access to your personal space, and at the same time, you’ll feel more assured that you’re not unknowingly spreading the virus to your colleagues.

4. Cleaning or wiping everything you’re about to touch

On your way to your workplace, you’ll probably use the stairs, ride the elevator, use public transportation, open a few doors, and more. Although companies and building managers implement disinfection, sanitation, and other preventive measures, taking precautions is still the best way to protect your safety and peace of mind.

We recommend that you bring disinfectant wipes or alcohol spray with you every time you head off to work. This way, you can easily wipe every surface or item clean before touching them. This also includes your phone, bag, keys, credit cards, and other personal items that come in contact with unsanitized surfaces.

5. Boosting your immune system

The best way to limit or eliminate your fear of COVID-19 while heading to work is to ensure that you have a strong immune system. After all, it’s your defense against any form of infection.

So eat healthy food, take supplements, exercise regularly, and always aim to have sufficient sleep. If you have health conditions that might hinder your immune system from functioning optimally, it’s best to consult your doctor to find out how you can strengthen your defense against the virus.

Going to work without COVID-19 fear

The SARS-CoV-2 virus and COVID-19 have not yet been fully understood, as evidenced by all the ongoing studies that are still being pursued by scientists and researchers all over the globe. However, life has to continue and we all need to move forward at some point.

We understand that each time you go out and head to work, there’s a fear of getting infected or bringing home the virus. However, there are many ways to work without worrying about COVID-19. The gist is to practice good hygiene and strictly observe sanitary practices that we’ve all practically ignored before the pandemic hit.

Knowing that you took the necessary precautionary measures will give you a sense of security and help you focus on your work without constantly worrying about catching the virus. Additionally, knowing that you have a strong immune system will help you stay paranoia-free.

Seeking your employer’s help

Maintaining healthy and infection-free communities is a shared responsibility. The guidelines we’ve discussed above are the best things that you, as an individual, can do to help reduce COVID-19 transmission in the workplace.

However, active collaboration between employers and employees will definitely lead to better results. One of the best ways for employers to keep their offices and workplaces safe is to establish an efficient and comprehensive COVID-19 management system that actively checks for symptoms, tracks exposure, and assesses COVID risk for all employees. One example is the COVID Health Check offered by FeverIQ. 

FeverIQ’s COVID Health Check not only provides confidential symptom tracking and free health checks,  but it also helps ensure that safety protocols are being observed in the workplace. It can also be used to continually screen both employees and guests before they are given the go-signal to enter the workplace, resulting in enhanced peace of mind for everyone involved.

How is your company battling the spread of COVID-19? Share your thoughts below!

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