NASA’s found the celestial body, 16 Psyche have costly mineral deposits

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A new development has taken the world by shock where a heavenly celestial body full of mineral deposits has been found out by NASA. This is estimated to churn out an economy that is 100 times more than that of the earth’s economy.

The resources available on the Earth are way not sufficient and thus the Space agency turned towards space. This new discovery has been made by the Hubble Telescope from NASA. It is named 16 Psyche.

16 Psyche has been found in the asteroid belt that lies between Mars and Jupiter. From Earth, the distance is around 230 million miles or 370 million kilometers. Its diameter is 225.3 kilometers or 140 miles approx.

The 16 Psyche, according to NASA is a representative body of the center of the Earth and does not have ice and rocks. The presence of iron, nickel, and other metallic elements is found. Hubble had enabled the discovery of materials by means of the UV spectrum. The metal deposits that have been found can be monetarily estimated to be of 100 billion U.S. dollars.

This figure of 100 billion U.S. dollars is around a hundred thousand times more than the 2019 global economy. Discovery Mission Psyche, a space mission from NASA contains a plan of utilizing the Falcon Heavy rocket. The probe can thus be sent to the asteroid in 2022. 2026 is the year when we can expect the first-hand information from the orbit.

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