Xiaomi has launched its new unit of Wearable App 2.0 in a completely new formation. This will enable access to sports, tracing real-time values, and manage data besides a myriad amount of other works.

This has been launched on October 29 and for now, will only be accessible on Android and not on iOS, for which the users have to wait.

The app will show the calories, steps, exercise records, and can monitor sleep from the Home page. The exercises can also be done without any connection with the devices concerned. The readings of exercise, heart rate for Xiaomi’s Mi Band 5, or Mi Band 5 NFC version can be done now using this device.

The health journey of an individual user has been taken care of well by the app where individual plans will be accessible by the user. There will also be a facility for multi-user management which will allow better access.

With the launch of the new app, Xiaomi will be able to organize its devices and functions on those incidents in a better way. With time, the company is sure to extend the facility to a wider set of devices for more efficient control thereby allowing a greater user base.

We have to wait to see what more additions will be made available in this by the tech giant.