Apple Carplay is nothing but Apple’s platform for enabling users to use iOS devices in a vehicle. The platform aims at allowing users to use their mobile phones and other features associated with it like, making phone calls, sending messages, playing music, and most importantly accessing maps for navigating purposes.

Apple CarPlay has been added by Mack to a few models of its trucks in order to provide drivers with a safe environment for using their iPhone while driving.

Mack has enabled Apple Carplay to several of their truck models which will allow the drivers working for Mack trucks to pair their iPhone to their rig soon.

The drivers can upgrade to Carplay with a software update at the dealership provided they have a MAck Anthem Pinnacle or Granite model and that too flourished with the MAck infotainment system. In addition to this, the models also feature new ergonomic seating which will look after the comforts of the drivers while they are on long distances.

In the words of Mack’s highway product manager, Stu Russoli:”Drivers are the single-most-important part of any trucking operation, and any features that boost comfort and productivity are key to recruiting and retaining them. With Apple CarPlay and our new seats, we’re helping customers put the best trucks out there to attract the best drivers.”