Researchers are working on smartwatches running on human-energy

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Recent research studies, as conducted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong are trying to study human movements and activities, in order to produce energies and culminate them in improvising better and smarter wearable technologies in the later future.

The human body is the most complex form of creation that has manifested itself by including all the five different elements of nature within it. It is a vast system that is always in the loop of creating and an extensive amount of energy from the varying molecular movement, heat, and more.

The research, which began earlier this year, after the surging speed of creating wearable technologies such as smartwatches and others, has observed details from a swinging metal pole whose performative functions tend to mimic human bodily movements, specifically the arms.

The energy-producing machine, on the other hand, reads these movements with the help of a highly compact generator having 10 different components including a motion capture unit and a power generation unit.

The motto behind this is to launch powerful wearables and gadgets by harvesting human energy. In recent times, such wearables conserve a primary position in the market as a very useful tool to synchronize with the human body and help them in leading a better and healthy approach to life.

More emphatically, because of its health-centric functions that help to detect blood pressure, heart rate, sleep pattern and other fundamental usability of human physiology this technology will benefit the consumer market as well.

Currently, these are run by batteries, but with human energy development and incorporation, it will become a far-fetching tool for better sustenance.

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