Microsoft Officially Warns Not to Blow Smoke Into Xbox Series X Consoles

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Microsoft Xbox X consoles had only launched a few days ago, but several people have already started making jokes about it. Microsoft might not have taken it well and issued an official warning.

Reportedly, several videos appeared online, showing how dense clouds of noise come out of the new Microsoft console. The ‘affected people’ also complained that the console had completely overheated and almost burned down.

However, all of these were fake and made to be presented like jokes. The smoke was originally generated with the help of the vaping technique. This could have been a serious issue and could also affect the market of the Xbox X consoles.

The fake smoke and floating ball

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The fake smoke videos show Xbox Series X devices that smoke wildly, apparently from overheating. The smoke development is so intense that you have to fear the console will even catch fire.

However, all of them were fake and were made using the vaping technique with an electronic cigarette. The liquid is vaporized here, and the resulting wet steam is sometimes very dense or with a little effort.

Besides this, a picture of a console has appeared on Reddit above which a ping pong ball appears to be floating. This should stay there solely through the exhaust air of the new Xbox. This is also fake and was made as a trick with a paper clip wire or something similar.

Microsoft warns

The official Twitter account of Xbox issued a warning regarding the smoke videos. They also provided instructions for any non-vape-related support questions. The post says:

“We can’t believe we have to say that, but please don’t blow any vape smoke into your Xbox Series X.”

These kinds of jokes can result in some serious issues as we know, puffing water into a high-tech device like the new Xbox isn’t such a good idea.

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