SyncMate: A sync services between Mac and other devices

We all know that Mac users only use iTunes to keep their accounts and devices in sync. But there is one problem with iTunes. iTunes does not have very much flexibility, and that one can sync the data only between the Apple devices. This helps the device keep finding new and versatile solutions. That is why there arises the requirement of SyncMate. SyncMate allows the syncing between the Mac, Android, Microsoft, and many other services.

What is it

Syncmate is an app that is designed to provide Mac users in sync with many other devices or accounts online. This app has its design of SyncService which helps in syncing in between the Mac and the other possible devices. Syncmate also helps the users in: 

  • Syncing the Mac with the Android and iOS Devices. This app helps in filling the service gap between the Mac and Android. This is done by providing the only Android file transfer that the app users will need. While the Mac system can sync with the devices, they are also limited by the number of devices we can register in a single Mac system. There is no limit to SyncMate. 
  • One can also sync their devices with MTP, mounted devices, or any other Macs. 
  • One can also sync a Mac with the cloud storage options through sync mate. 
  • One can also sync between a Mac and Microsoft Services with the help of a sync mate.  
  • One can transfer photos from Android to Mac wirelessly


SyncMate is a data synchronization app. This app boasts of multiple commendable features. This feature only makes the app stand out among other such similar apps. This app helps in data transfer between a Mac and a similar device. It also allows to sync Android to iPhone with very easy methods.

1. Data transfer between Mac and Android

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There is no built-in feature available to help transfer data from Mac to Android devices. SyncMate is an app that works as a connection between Mac and Android devices. This device makes transferring and syncing data in macOS and Android easy. Again, there is the option of syncing an unlimited iOS device with Mac. There is no limit to the number of devices in SyncMate as it does not limit the number of iOS devices that can be connected.  

2. Multiple syncing options

There is another feature in SyncMate which is the ability to sync the Mac file in mounted or MTP devices. All that is required is to install the SyncMate app and update all data across all the devices. Also, there is a possibility of syncing any type of data using SyncMate. The options of Syncing might differ based on the device or service that one would sync with. Below is the list of the available options that can be synced. 

Photos, SMS, Calls, Calendar, Reminders, Folders, Contacts, iTunes, Music, Safari Bookmarks, Backup, etc. 

3. Single click backup solution

SyncMate offers the single click backup option to avoid the loss of data. This will let you backup files in an instant in just one click to keep your data protected.  


Long story short, Syncmate is a very trustworthy software that helps in synchronization. This software works as a one-stop solution that speeds up the process of syncing the various data to multiple devices.

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