5 Key benefits of application performance monitoring

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A sluggish app or website not only frustrates your customers and employees but also eats into your bottom line. In fact, four out of ten consumers will abandon your web page if it takes over three seconds to load.

Whether your target end-user accesses your site through a computer, tablet, or mobile device, you need to guarantee web page availability, fast response time, and security. But how do you do this? Enter application performance monitoring(APM).

What is application performance monitoring?

Application performance monitoring (APM) is the collection of tools designed to help app managers track performance, identify anomalies, and improve an application’s response time and behavior, thus increasing user satisfaction. It enables the application owner to know whether the app is responding as expected, back-end processes are executing as they should, and if there are delays, which part is causing it.

The ideal PHP application performance monitoring tool also gives you detailed key performance indicator (KPI) reports, tracks down user-specific issues, and sends you email app performance summaries. This data plays a key role in helping you make informed decisions.

Top benefits of application performance monitoring

1. Better visibility into apps

When you use APM tools effectively, you’ll get critical metrics and measurements that will give you better control over your apps. You’ll see which areas are performing strongly, what to address, where the bottlenecks are, and what solutions to apply. These insights will allow you to solve performance issues before the end-users complain.

2. Increased revenue and sales

Any business that uses an app to sell a product or service, manage work, or market itself needs to understand the importance of a functional and responsive application. The performance of your app directly impacts your sales and revenue. Imagine finding your desired items on an e-commerce site only to realize that each product page is taking too long to load.

You’ll definitely head to another site to complete your shopping. When you implement a powerful APM tool, you don’t have to worry about frustrated customers abandoning your app or site.

3. Website continuity

Website downtime means a 100% loss for most online businesses during the outage. Furthermore, nearly ten percent of visitors never return to a website that they find down. By using APM solutions, you’re bound to see a significant reduction in downtime. These tools help you identify emerging issues before they morph into major problems.

They make sure your app is always operational and available by troubleshooting and diagnosing any hitch. The tools also ensure any solution used to rectify the problem doesn’t affect your site’s performance.

4. Enhanced end-user experiences

A responsive application is not only good for generating revenue but also for creating a positive user experience. Both internal and external users will be more satisfied using an app that is always available, fast, and error-free. Customers will increase engagement with your app or site and come to trust your brand, giving you a competitive advantage.

The APM also gathers data that will help you learn more ways to enhance and maintain user satisfaction.

5. Increased productivity and reduced costs

APM tools allow you to automatically and proactively audit all performance metrics from website response time, availability, individual page load time to uptime rate. Without such a tool, you’ll have to assign people troubleshooting and diagnosis responsibilities, redirecting vital talent and resources. With the right solution, you’ll fix problems before they impact end-users and save staff-hours and money.

Protect your bottom line by implementing an APM solution

In today’s interconnected world, your app or website is the face of your business. Sluggish behavior, errors, and timeouts will quickly create a negative impression of your business. With the right APM tool, you’ll keep end-users happy, cut operational costs, and boost your revenue.

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