Mobile phones have become the device that does the work of almost all other available electrical devices but they bear the advantage of being portable, unlike so many other devices. For its multifarious nature of usage and advantages, it is rapidly replacing more and more devices, ranging from conventional electronic mediums to revolutionizing online payment methods. Keeping this thought in mind, Samsung is thinking about designing a product that will adhere to the longevity of the batteries of mobile phones.

Samsung apparently recently filed for a patent document at the Korean Patent Office. The pictures and the description only point to the probable future existence of a very peculiar looking little device that comes with a “ring” which is supposed to charge smartphones. The disk in the ring generates an electric current through the movement of the hand; to put it simply, the ring bears a micro-generator. Furthermore, and perhaps more shocking than the description of the ring design, is the fact that the ring can also convert the body’s heat into electricity. Of course, there will also be a small battery to store the generated electricity, and then transfer it to the phone.

Samsung Ring for Charging
Credit: ChinaZ

So, when the user uses the phone, the “ring” can charge the phone without any cable or charger. Just the sound of the existence of this kind of technology seems something out of a science-fiction, but Samsung is closer to realizing the concept. However, this is not to say that just because Samsung had filed for the patent, it guarantees its mass production. Before any of that could take place, the South Korean company certainly has many hurdles to overcome, the major ones relates to the size of the components.

Additionally, the conversion of the kinetic energy of sports into electrical energy is not a new concept; however, the main issue here is that mobile phones require more battery life. To say the least, it would be interesting to see how Samsung overcomes this.

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