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As displayed by the Tianyan Check App, numerous patent information has been recently added by the Huawei Technologies Co., Limited. Of the many patent information that was listed by the Huawei Technologies Co., Limited, one is “A UAV ID Identification Module and Storage Method”.

While the date of application is June 2019, the date of publication is December 8, 2020. On scrutinizing the patent details, it is found that the details of an unmanned aerial vehicle identity identification module and a storage method are revealed. The details of the things released are associated with electronic technology for understanding the handling of the unmanned aerial vehicle like reading and tracking.

As figured out from the image, the patent attorney of this particular patent is zhang Jiaojiao.

Unmanned aerial vehicles called drones are immensely being popular these days due to their stunning applications like aerial photography, shipping and delivery, geographic mapping, disaster management, search and rescue, weather forecast, wildlife monitoring, and more. The tech giants like Huawei are thus jumping into Drone technology seeing its future.

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