PUBG Season 10 is now live on PC servers with new features

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PUBG Season 10 is now live on PC servers and will have a live release for consoles and Stadia tomorrow. The tenth season of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds comes with a new map and more for the players.

As inferred from the teasers, this new map is called Haven. Haven is an industrial island in the American rust belt. Here players will be taken into the dense urban environment full of rooftops and hiding places by each other.

This new season also incorporates a new AI feature to hunt players down, but if they can retaliate against certain members of the AI group named “The Pillar” then there are good rewards.

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In this Season 10, PUBG has introduced some new features. The map Haven is called an “event map” and is going to be a seasonal exclusive like Paramo of Season 9.

Like Paramo, this map will also change continuously on players between matches. In this Season, in addition to that, there is another variable to make every match different by the use of ‘The Pillar’.

The Pillar has the three main components of the Haven map of Season 10, namely, The Pillar Guard, the helicopters, and the trucks. The Pillar Guards are highly powered and well-protected AI enemies to defend stashes of loot.

One of them has the key to unlock nearby treasures. So in order to obtain the key and get some loot, players need to coordinate their efforts to defeat that enemy. Also, the Pillar Guards themselves wear valuable items which can be looted.

Apart from the Pillar Guard, there are helicopters and trucks to roam around the skies and streets of Haven. The helicopters will try to catch players in their spotlights but they won’t harm them.

However, if a player stays in the spotlight for too long, the trucks will be called in the next stage. The trucks can’t be destroyed and well-armed, so it’s best to hide if you see one of them in the streets or stuck in the helicopter’s spotlight.

Among other features of Season 10, there is a battle pass and custom outfit slots to enable players to save their favorite outfits and to choose between them quickly. There are Emergency parachutes to litter the rooftops and other places on the map.

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