The Google camera app, which made its debut this year in April, has become the best camera apps for premium smartphones and underwent another development. And this time, it is all about the new HDR features that are flooding the internet all over.

Thanks to this app, even low-budget phones with minimum MP count on cameras have delivered high-end images with better still photographic mode.

It is made with a basic UI, and it features the usual functional display at the bottom, such as the shutter button, camera switcher, and a gallery shortcut. It also provides various pre-existing modes like the portrait mode with a well-defined depth effect, a beauty filter for flawless features, and a flash shortcut button.

Earlier, we saw the night mode support that mediated best quality snaps even in low light or night-light ambiance without distorting the natural light effect as well as eradicating the need for using flashlights. It was at that time that the application developers were working on the HDR feature as well.

Now, finally that the HDR feature has gone official on the Google Camera Go app, we will be able to get photos ‘with crisper details and richer color at any time of day’.

However, there seems to be a set of restrictions to this feature as well. Although the Google CamereGo app is intended for every Android Go device, just like the night mode, the HDR feature will also roll out to Nokia1.3 Wiko Y61, Wiko Y81, and a handful of the Android Go devices only, visible in the app interface.

And for the other Android users with Orea versions, they will only get to enjoy the portrait feature for now till there is any further development to make the Google Camera Go app compatible with these devices.