High-tech smartphones we are expecting to see in 2021

For many people, the release of a new smartphone can be very exciting. When the latest Apple product drops, people around the world flock to their local store to buy it. Many people even queue because they know just how exciting this kind of release will be.

In 2021, we are expecting to see some incredibly high-tech smartphones being released. Some have already been teased or released so we thought we would look at them below in this article.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2

Last year, the Microsoft Surface Duo was released and it sparked a lot of interest due to its unusual design. Now, Microsoft has announced that they will be releasing a Microsoft Surface Duo 2 which is set to become one of the most popular smartphones next year.

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The expectations for this phone are high due to the folding design resulting in a large screen. The previous model had an 11 MP camera so we are expecting something similar in the new model.

Galaxy S30

Samsung has been an industry leader in the world of smartphones for quite some time now and so it makes sense that they would have a new release coming at the start of 2021.

The Galaxy S30 is set to be even better than the S20 and we are very exciting. It is expected to be powered by the Exynos chipset and the Snapdragon latest chip 875. Either way, it will be the most powerful smartphone ever created by Samsung.

Nokia 10

Nokia might not be a smartphone brand that has a great reputation anymore but they are gearing up for something quite special in 2021.

The Nokia 10 is expected to use 5G technology alongside PureView technology and will be quite impressive. Whether you use your phone to play at a casino online or scroll through social media, you’ll enjoy this model.

iPhone 13 Series

Apple has been consistently releasing new iPhones for many years now and many await the latest release. They are set to launch a few models in the near future including a high-end model and a ‘budget’ version.

The iPhone 13 Series is set to have a quad-camera setup and excellent processing power. This will be down to the bionic chipset and it certainly is going to impress Apple fans across the world. This is one that you should definitely look out for as it is very impressive.

Upgrading your smartphone

If you are thinking about upgrading your smartphone next year, make sure to look into the latest models. The phones that we have discussed in this list are just some of the few impressive products that are expected to come.

There is always room for surprises so make sure to keep your finger on the pulse. Don’t just fall for great marketing either, always make sure that you are checking out the technology behind these phones and any additional features that have been included. Happy shopping!

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