Why should you have a Google Search Bar on your website?

There are a lot of elements that make a website function well. One of these is the Google search bar. However, this is one element of a website that is quite neglected. People tend to forget about putting a good search bar in the quest for achieving a stylized website.

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While the looks of your website will draw in viewers, but they will only use the site if there’s a proper search bar that allows them to get the information they want. If you want to know more about search bars and their importance then read on below.

Why are Google search bars important?

To know the importance of search bars you will need to understand how search engines work. Know that search engines do their job by crawling all over the site and indexing your pages.

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When people come to your site then they only get to see and view those links and stuff that are right in front of any kind of page. So if your site is big with thousands of links and hundreds of pages, then your viewers won’t be able to find out what they need. To get anything they will have to go page by page.

At most, you can make things a little easier by having different categories like best posts, links, tags, related posts, and such. But even that won’t allow your site user to get some highly specific post that they want to see. The only way any user will be able to quickly get what they want is by using a bar for Google search within a website. 

Know that without a search bar your website will stagnate. People simply don’t want to use a website where things aren’t a click away. Know that if your site user has to scroll through pages and pages of things to get the thing they want, then you can forget about a return visit.

For example: think about sites like Amazon without a search bar. It’s simple, not possible to use it without a search bar to get the results you want. So, a search bar makes navigation easier, and with the help of this, your clickthrough rate will be lower as well. Not to mention the fact that the search bar will help you to be able to earn more money using affiliate and advertising links.

How can you add a search bar to your website?

Know that you will be able to add your custom search bar to your website. Many people think that creating a search bar might be difficult but it isn’t so at all. Note that HTML or JavaScript search box works best for all sites. But if you don’t want to make one from scratch then know that Google has a website called ‘programmable search engine,’ where you can make your search bar.

So it’s really important to have a search bar on your website. It will draw in viewers as well as help retain them. Also, not to mention the fact that it will make navigation way easier. As such with the help of this little tool you will be able to grow your business a lot.

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