Integrating Windows 10 and iOS – All you need to know

For Apple, the matter of the compatibility of the system with devices is black and white – macOS and iOS can only go together with the company’s products. What to do, if you are not willing to stop using the notebook with Windows, but planning to invest in iPhone?

Apple has a certain reputability. Its users are known to be so devoted to the brand that they test every new version of their products. However, not everyone is like that – there are some enthusiasts of iPhones that would never switch to Android, but still continue using Windows on their laptops. It is actually not uncommon to see iPhone lovers that use Microsoft’s software and don’t feel conflicted about it. However, the conflict, unfortunately, exists – on the technical level. 

Windows and iOS enthusiast? Yes, it’s possible!

Looking at the statistics in the US and all over the world. It is easy to notice that the iPhone is more popular than MacBooks. In terms of personal computers, Windows remains unbeatable, with the majority of users worldwide – over 70%. What draws the users to it? Mostly the office software, but also ports which are universal in devices from various companies. Apple products are only compatible with other ones with the famous symbol on them, which makes life harder in particular situations.

Transferring media files from iOS to Windows

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What is the most common case in which you need your phone and laptop to interact? Obviously, when moving media from one to another. You may use iCloud for it, as Windows supports this software – of course in an appropriate version which is available on Apple’s website. Note that it is not a free solution; however, the fees are relatively low. 

Obviously, using Apple’s device together with any other Windows operating system installed on it doesn’t give you the level of integrity which is achievable on the Apple-apple device level. The continuity function can connect all devices, from iPhone to MacBook, practically making it a united functional body. Integrating Windows 10 and iOS will allow making calls from the PC, using a unified clip tray, and many others.

However, if you are satisfied with the ability to connect the systems of both brands on the most basic level, the Windows 10 and iPhone or iOS integration shouldn’t give you any worries. It is a myth that you cannot connect Apple’s mobile phone with other systems than macOS. 

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