The CES 2021 is bustling with innovations that are being exposed every day at the event. LG has come out with six display innovations at the CES 2021, including a 55-inch transparent OLED LG Smart Bed.

It is basically an OLED screen with adjustable height that can be placed at the foot of a bed. As per LG’s claims, the screen can achieve up to 40 percent of transparency, and it will offer the user a direct view through the screen of the other side even when it is displaying an image.

Furthermore, LG also introduced a 55-inch display that can be used in restaurants. It can also be used as a shield in COVID-19 times; LG also introduced an 88-inch 8K Cinematic Sound OLED display.

Besides being a transparent display of adjustable height, which could be conveniently put at the foot of the bed, the 55-inch OLED LG Smart Bed also comes with a few Smart capabilities of its own.

Like a fitness band, the LG smart bed can also analyze sleep patterns and even act as an alarm clock. Moreover, the smart bed also comes with built-in speakers.

Additionally, LG has also introduced a 55-inch Rail and Pivot OLED that can slide out from a hidden position to multiple angles. The display, which has pivoting capabilities, is introduced to be used for video-based exercises.

Apparently, this OLED will be used for public utility, and it was shown being used on a subway, displaying various information about routers and time and weather. The commuters can enjoy a view of the city while also being fed information on the screen.

LG has also introduced a Cinematic Sound OLED Gaming TV, which comes with a paper-thin screen that bends and unfolds. The bendable OLED display comes with cinematic sound OLED (CSO) technology.