Oculus VR Multi-User accounts and App Sharing features to launch soon

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Oculus VR will be rolling out two new features next month, Multi-User accounts, which will grant the users to log into multiple accounts using a single headset. And the Oculus VR App Sharing feature, which will share apps with others on the shared device.

Oculus VR Multi-User Accounts feature

The primary account holder can add secondary accounts and share the apps with secondary accounts. This will also help in personalizing game progress and achievements for separate accounts.

The Multi-User accounts feature will first come to the Oculus VR Quest 2 as part of its experiment, and later all Quest users will be able to enjoy the new features. The primary account holders can add up to three secondary accounts and enable App Sharing on a single device.

Oculus VR App Sharing feature

The Oculus VR App Sharing feature, in the future, would allow the primary account holder to share its app purchases across three devices. However, as per the Quest blog, they may increase the number of devices and secondary accounts, keeping in mind the user expectation and feedback.

Apps in the Oculus Quest VR store will automatically opt into the App Sharing feature from February 13, 2021, onwards. However, if an app requires opt-out, the user needs to disable App Sharing by February 12, 2021. Furthermore, it now becomes a prerequisite for all new Rift or Quest apps to support App Sharing.

Quest VR has further implemented various protections. The primary account holder and the secondary accounts must log in to the shared device using their own Facebook accounts.

Secondary account holders can only launch the primary owner’s eligible shared app entitlements on the shared device. The shared account cannot be accessed on a new device of the secondary account holder.

Only the secondary accounts on the shared device may use the primary user’s privileges. Secondary account holders may purchase apps, but they cannot share those apps with the primary account holder or other secondary accounts.

The users cannot run the same app linked to their accounts on more than one device at a time.

Lastly, for any change in the primary user, a factory reset is necessary; the secondary account cannot add other accounts. Only primary accounts can do that.

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