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BigHaat, India’s largest Agri Inputs digital marketplace platform, released a comprehensive Agri input stack backed by the robust network of satellites, agronomists & farmers with an aim to deliver autonomous surveillance & crop care in real-time.

They are the first such startup/ company to do so in the agri-tech sector. This facility lets the farmer visit their farm, click an image and upload via the Crop Doctor’ feature of the BigHaat app. The AI technology then advises the best practices, most suitable inputs & offers dynamic assistance in real time to the farmers. This unique approach is aimed towards automating cropcare across India, giving the farmers a reliable full stack farm management approach.

BigHaat provides farmers end to end crop advisory and a wide range of quality inputs such as seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, nutrients and farm implements by leveraging the power of data, science and technology. Over 4 million farmers in India have engaged on the platform since their inception in 2015.

Sateesh Nakula, CEO & Co-founder, BigHaat, said, We are happy to be empowering the Indian farmer community with dynamic information and knowledge with the help of our technology stack. The solution is expected to provide targeted solutions to farmers enabling them to use 20 to 40% lesser chemicals & 30 to 60% lesser water.

BigHaat has connected the farmer community with Kisan Vedika, a Facebook-styled social media facility for farmers where they can ask their queries in regional languages and expect end-to-end guidance by their team of Agri experts.

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