Xiaomi launches the Roidmi Self-collecting Robot Vacuum priced at $463 in China

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The Chinese tech giant Xiaomi is storming ahead with its new innovations. Indeed, its innovative technology has made living life a lot smarter while at the same time being cost-effective. The latest inclusion in the category would be the new robot vacuum cleaner called Roidmi Self-collecting Robot Vacuum. This smart vacuum can not only dust and clean but will also empty the dust container automatically.

The Roidmi Self-Collecting Robot Vacuum comes with a base station that looks like any other simple vacuum cleaner available on the market, but its function is far from that of an ordinary vacuum cleaner. The base station allows the users to automatically empty the dust container after cleaning it. Moreover, it is also equipped with an original antibacterial processing technology which will ensure that the home stays safe from harmful bacteria.

The capacity of the garbage compartment is 3 liters. The users need not clean the base station after each cleaning as it is the function of the cleaner itself, although the value of the dust cleaner has not been mentioned yet.

The smart function of the vacuum cleaner does not stop at the automatic cleaning of the dust. The developers at Xiaomi had mentioned that the Roidmi Self-collecting Robot Vacuum is equipped with a new generation ultra-sensitive laser rangefinder. The rangefinder can quickly scan a room, build a map on its own, and plot an optional cleaning route. The user need not worry about handling the cleaner while it cleans.

The suction pressure is 2700 Pa. Also, the robot is equipped with a water tank, and it can intelligently control the flow of liquid for effective cleaning. The volume of the water tank is 250 ml which is enough for cleaning a room of 300 square meters.

The Roidmi Self-collecting Robot Vacuum is on offer for $ 463, and as of now is available only in the Chinese market.

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