Without a doubt, SUVs are the most convenient vehicles for their elements that combine features of both road-going passenger cars and off-road vehicles. Recently, imported SUVs have gained much popularity in South Korea. In such circumstances, Volkswagen Korea launched their urban sports utility vehicle ‘T- Roc’ for 30 million Won in South Korea on January 29.

‘T- Roc’ is one of the best selling SUV models and holds a sale record of nearly 500,000 units worldwide. Now, it is the first time ‘T- Roc’ is being introduced in Korea. ‘T-Roc’ blends both sporty and urban styles besides having the MQB platform.

Stephen Cropp, the president of Audi Volkswagen Korea has very positive thoughts about the new ‘T- Roc’. He said, “The new Ti-lock is a key model that will become a new momentum for Volkswagen to lead the popularization of imported SUVs following Tiguan and Toarek, which have successfully settled in the market. We will continue to offer a new alternative to the urban compact SUV and continue a diverse and distinctive campaign targeting millennials”.

About the new Volkswagen ‘T- Roc’

‘T- Roc’ compiles the new brand exterior design which the Volkswagen aims for. The vehicle has a small body, low overall height, wide with and a dynamic ratio with short overhangs. It has a long wheelbase of 2605 mm in length thanks to its MQB platform. The 8-inch multi-color touch screen is equipped with Korean-style navigation and is located at the top of the dashboard for convenience.

Additionally, ‘T- Roc has the largest among the five-seater SUVs in its class. The vehicle has an increased standard loading space of 445L and up to 1290L when the second row seats are folded. It comes with a 2.0 TDI engine and a 7-speed DSG transmission to deliver a maximum output of 150 horsepower and a maximum torque of 34.7 kg.m. The maximum speed that ‘T- Roc’ can achieve is 205 km/h and it reaches 100 km/h from standstill in 8.8 seconds. The combined fuel efficiency of the vehicle is 15.1km/l. While it has 13.8km/l efficiency for the city center and for the highway it’s 17km/l.

It also adds up various other features, including front collision warning and emergency braking system on the front trim, multiple collision prevention brakes, proactive occupant protection, pedestrian monitoring, blind-spot monitoring and rear traffic warning, park pilot front, and rear sensors, fatigue warning system, etc. As for other specifications, premium models, an adaptive cruise control system, and a panoramic sunroof are also installed in ‘T- Roc’ for the maintenance of better driving speed and distance between cars.

With such fabulous features, Volkswagen ‘T- Roc’ SUV will also win over the South Korean market in no time for sure.