Sony applies for a new patent for PSVR to improve the interactive VR

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According to reports, PlayStation has applied to the US Patent and Trademark Office for a new technology patent that will allow viewers to interact with users who are using VR devices.

The PSVR was launched back in 2016 which, in a way, pioneered the way players experience gaming with its new technology that provided an immersive experience. Although the device might be intensely useful, the fact that the device itself is bulky remains. Moreover, the setup process for the PSVR proved to be more complicated than other platforms now available on the market. So, the PSVR2 certainly brings some good news to its users who are hoping that it will provide the users with a better, smoother experience.

There remains little doubt that Sony was aware of these issues that the users of the PSVR had to face for a long time, and now, the company is out to redeem itself and to improve the VR experience. It was only last year that Sony applied for a patent aimed at reducing dizziness and nausea caused by VR.

In addition to that, Sony also filed another VR-related patent in October 2020 which passed the patent licensing process by USPTO. As for the new patent, the new technology is geared to revolve around the concept of “allowing viewers to participate in virtual reality content.” Whenever a user uses VR, they will also be able to participate in the game. Moreover, the participants can also make decisions for the players through the “audience” devices which probably refer to mobile devices.

This new patent sounds a lot like the Playlink technology used by games such as Agenda and That’s You. Sony had just filed for the patent which means that the technology is nowhere near ready for being launched, but eventually, it will come to the market.

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