Apple adds iCloud passwords extension on Windows browser Chrome

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Apple’s iTunes, which was designed to work on Windows OS, is perhaps one thing that Apple designed to make its services accessible outside of its own OS. It certainly made syncing iCloud on Windows easier for clients for files, photos, and mail.

So far, Apple’s presence on the Windows OS was limited to only offering iTunes for its users. It appears the California based company is extending its support on Windows with an iCloud Passwords Chrome extension.

The passwords saved on iCloud could only be accessed using the Apple-grown Safari, that is, Chrome cannot access those passwords to refill them for the convenience of the user.

On Sunday evening, Apple quietly published the extension to the Chrome Web Store. Now with the inclusion of the extension, iCloud Passwords allows the user to use the same strong Safari passwords created on any Apple device, with Chrome on Windows.

The latest update for iCloud for Windows, version 12.0, recently teased the same feature. For anyone to avail this new feature, all they need to do is update the Windows version of the iCloud, where a new “Passwords” section has been added to the list of available services. Clicking on the “Apply” button to proceed opens a dialog box that prompts downloading the tool inside Chrome.

The new feature provides access to the passwords that the user has created/ automatically generated/saved in Safari while using Chrome.

The sync is bi-directional in the sense that new passwords and credentials created in Google’s browser will be saved to the iCloud Keychain so that the Apple devices connected to the iCloud can access those passwords automatically.

The extension prompts users to “Choose a saved password to use” when signing in. The website and email address are listed underneath.
The new iCloud Passwords Chrome will join iCloud Bookmarks for Windows.

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