Engage your customers with these 4 innovative marketing ideas

After the tough year we all experienced in 2020, businesses are looking for ways to beat the competition and re-engage with consumers. As consumer habits have undergone a huge transformation, marketing strategies have also needed to change. Here are just a few of the trends which took off in 2020 and which we’re likely to see gaining momentum in 2021.

Guide people to you: social media influencers

Social media influencers can have millions of followers. It seems logical that these are all potential customers of your business, but that is often far from the case. If you decide to pay for an influencer to promote your product, select with care. This is the Marketing Idea Number 1.

social media influencer
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For example, a beauty vlogger who is constantly promoting products similar to yours may have limited impact and their recommendation will soon be forgotten. Followers are social media savvy and know that their favorite influencer is being paid by brands to recommend their products.

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It may be more cost-effective to select someone with a smaller following, who is well-known for something related to your market but doesn’t target it directly. Your product will benefit from an element of novelty and is more likely to stand out. Also, be ruthless when analyzing the results you obtain from any influencer, and don’t hesitate to move on from anyone who doesn’t deliver what you need, i.e. paying customers and an increase in revenue.

Amaze your customers: Guerrilla marketing

According to Forbes magazine, we’re typically exposed to between 4,000 and 10,000 ads per day. It’s no wonder that people become jaded and the vast majority of ads are ‘screened out’ before we even notice them.

That’s why a key challenge for marketers in 2021 is to find new ways of getting their message across in an unexpected and even shocking way. A picture is worth a thousand words, so to get you thinking creatively take a look at these innovative examples of guerrilla marketing. Guerrilla Marketing is another ultimate Marketing idea you’ll be glad to know about.

Educate your customers: videos and blogs

As people were confined at home for extended periods, they turned to videos and blogs to educate themselves as well as for entertainment. Consider creating free webinars, followed by paid courses for people who want more in-depth knowledge about your subject.

educate customer
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Each time you post, if you ask yourself: ‘What is the question I’m answering for my audience’ and ‘What problem will this information help them to solve?’ you will keep your eye on the prize: conversion to a paying customer.

Understand your customers: analytics and CRM

With the increasing spend on online advertising comes the need to measure how effective a channel actually is. 2020 saw a boom in the use of online analytical tools to help businesses of all sizes understand the return on advertising investment, and, importantly, how to improve performance.

analytics and crm
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As consumers move increasingly online, they need to talk directly. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools can help streamline communications, answer frequent questions, and manage many of your customer interactions. Critically, they assist with the personalization of messages so they are more likely to engage and intrigue your customers.

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