IBM promises to increase the speed of quantum computing by 100 times

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IBM announced yesterday that the company has been able to make a huge improvement in quantum computing through the use of a new software foundation.

IBM claims that the new software foundation can make quantum computing run 100 times faster. IBM’s decision comes after considering how to face challenges pertaining to artificial intelligence and complex financial computing.

The new quantum computing applications will be launched in the next two years. IBM is now opening up lower-level programming access rights in order to lay a better foundation for these applications.

IBM also mentioned that this new technology would not be exclusive to IBM but will be open to everyone’s benefit. IMB, in a statement, mentioned that such software is written using open source technology so that outsiders can benefit from it.

IBM also mentioned that improvements in open source can increase the speed of quantum computing software by 100 times. The new version of the quantum computing software on part of IBM is a part of an effort to hide the complex mechanism of quantum computing for ordinary people as much as possible.

For quantum computers to do their job efficiently it becomes increasingly difficult day by day, even if some of the experts in this field, such as Zapata Computing and Cambridge Computing join forces.

The software acceleration as promised by IBM may mean that months of work on a classic computer may be completed in just a few hours. This, in turn, will bring the quantum computer closer to the purpose for which they were made in the first place- to solve problems that traditional computers cannot solve.

IBM competes for leadership in quantum computing among competitors such as Google, Intel, Microsoft, IonQ, Rigetti Computing, and Honeywell. It is unsure which one of the companies mentioned above will prevail as the technology moves on from the research lab to the real world for being used by ordinary people.


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