Xiaomi unveils a concept smartphone with a quad curved waterfall display

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Xiaomi has just revealed its new concept smartphone that comes with the revolutionary Quad Curved Waterfall Display. However, the smartphone does not carry any other ports or buttons on its body.

The display features a curved design on all four edges of the device so that it has not been spotted before on any concept smartphones. The Chinese smartphone giant revealed the images of the concept smartphone through a small video on Twitter.

“Meet our first #QuadCurvedWaterfallDisplay concept smartphone. Everything you see on the display flows over the edges smoothly and seamlessly, just like water. Water wave #InnovationForEveryone,” Xiaomi tweeted.

Going by the short video, all four edges of the device are curved around the side of the device at an angle of 88 degrees. The video does not reveal any ports or buttons on the body of the smartphone.

The smartphone giant further mentioned in a separate tweet that the design comprises 46 ‘ground-breaking patents’. The company was quick to mention that the smartphone focuses on innovation following the company’s motto and that it brings something new to the table, something that has not been seen before.

As for manufacturing the quad curve 88-degree surface, Xiaomi mentioned that it was achieved through “countless breakthroughs in glass bending and laminating technology to extend the limits of the display to infinity”.

Although the video makes the curved technology look bran-new, the Mate 30 Pro had previously donned a similar curved display. What makes Xiaomi’s innovation brand new is that all four edges of the display are curved.

The Xiaomi concept smartphone design with the quad curved waterfall display is very reminiscent of Vivo’s Apex concept phone. As it is only a concept smartphone, the company has not mentioned any launch dates.

Since there are no buttons present on the concept smartphone, Xiaomi might add a fingerprint scanner under the display and rely completely on wireless charging.

The curved edges may make the smartphone look very lucrative, but it also makes it more vulnerable to cracks from simple falls. The durability and the feasibility of the smartphone is something that Xiaomi needs to keep in mind.


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