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5 Incredible Healthcare App Ideas for Startups to Turn Pandemic into Opportunity

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Ever since before the COVID-19 pandemic, the m-health app market was growing exponentially and the rise of this unforeseen situation will make the industry grow bigger than the sheer estimates.

As per the mHealth Times report; the global mobile health market is expected to witness an annual growth rate of around 33.5% by the year 2020.

The use of healthcare apps has not only improved patient engagement but, has also made people more health-focused by sticking to a healthy diet and exercise recommended by fitness experts and doctors. It has revolutionized the way of giving medical aid in terms of prescriptions, consultations, and treatments.

The survey states that;

  • Nearly 52% of people use smartphone apps to get health-related information like diagnosis, prescription, exercise routine, etc.
  • About 80% of the medical professionals make use of m-health apps to make tasks efficient and streamline.

With the above stats, it won’t be an overstatement to say that healthcare is the best domain for aspiring entrepreneurs to launch a new startup since people are paying huge money for quality healthcare services.

This post will help you to identify some of the best ideas for healthcare app and how building these apps can help startups to turn pandemics into opportunities. So, without wasting much time, let’s get started!

1. Diet Tracker/ Weight Loss App:

The transformation from fat to fit is something that everybody wants. As per the Polaris market research, the global fitness app market is expected to grow by $14.7 billion by the year 2026. Just look at the below numbers. Weight loss apps dominate the list as the top healthcare app cherishing 50M downloads.

Consider the Fat Secret App. This app lets the user stay fit in shape by quickly allowing them to track their food intakes. This app allows users to keep a record of the food they consume along with the quantity. It also has features like a weight tracker, diet calendar, and barcode scanner.

diet tracker

To make your app stand out from the existing ruled apps in the market you can add features like the below:

  • Consult with a top nutritionist.
  • Include a list of low-fat recipes with measurement and calories information.
  • Include various reminders like bedtime, water intake, calorie intake, step counter, etc.
  • Synchronize the app with various m-health apps available on the user device.

2. Online medicine delivery app

This type of application is much in demand and the reason is pretty simple – COVID-19. We’re fighting against the invisible enemy which is here to stay for long. The only way to defeat it is to stay at home as much as possible.

In such a case, the medicine delivery app comes to the rescue. If anybody is feeling sick, they won’t urge to go to a medical shop to buy medicines. In such cases, such apps can deliver the required medicines at your doorsteps as per the uploaded prescription.

You can even add a feature to deliver monthly if the medication is for a longer duration.

3. Addiction Recovery App

Everyone has some of the other kinds of addictions, isn’t it? But some addictions are life-threatening.

Alcohol, Nicotine, drugs, caffeine, phone, sugar are some addictions that can steal everything from you: life, family, time everything.

Let’s say, we have a drug addiction recovery app. To get out of this endless chain, the app should have features like:

  • Video Chat: One-to-one consultation with rehab doctors with patients.
  • Chat integration: Chat and discuss with experts.
  • Community: Creating and sharing success stories of the drug-addicted community for a positive impression on the mind frame of the addicts.
  • Online exercise: To divert the mind and perform some exercise to get out of this vulnerable shell.

4. Medicine Price comparison App

Since prescription price differs from one pharmacy to another, this app allows users to compare the price of the medicine at different pharmacists before making any purchasing decision.

A user just needs to enter the drug name along with its content details and it will display the list of prices at nearby different stores in real-time scenarios.

You can even use filters like a discount, alternative medicine, stock availability. It can help consumers to save a huge amount of their earnings.

5. Appointment booking app

The doctor’s appointment app is quite simple and easy to use. It is majorly developed for medical professionals seeking practice in private clinics or hospitals. Many healthcare professionals and well-known doctors build their healthcare app to schedule appointments for their patients and consult them in person.

You can build your custom doctor on-demand app with features where doctors and patients can connect in person through chat, schedule consultation through video call, book an appointment, set medicine and appointment reminders, reminders for a regular checkup, know their availability for a home visit, or use doctor appointment text reminder and so on.


Like every other industry, there is a lot more potential for mobile app development in the healthcare industry. But the only question that needs to be answered is: Are you ready to take a plunge and untap this industry with a one-of-a-kind m-health app that satisfies users’ pain points?

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