How will the 2021 page experience update impact SEO?

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According to Google’s announcement, there will be an algorithm update in 2021. The factor in focus is Page Experience that will influence how websites rank. Page experience entails how visitors to a site interact with it, whether satisfying or annoying. As such, you will now have to pay attention to HTTPS, faster-loading speed, mobile-friendliness, and safe browsing.

Before the changes occur, you will have to focus on several elements, which include the following.

1. Talk to an expert

If you are not good at running a site’s technical aspects, you will need experts’ help. A lot of what the Google announcement will focus on is not understandable to every website owner. What the changes will affect may not necessarily have an impact on your site if you have everything in place.
If you are not sure how things will impact your online presence and ranking, you can talk to experts.

expert talk
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There are professionals from SEO agencies that use organic ways to optimize pages for search engines, generate traffic, and gain customers for your business. An expert from the agencies will assist with page speed optimization, correct crawl errors, set up Google Search Console, and make your pages mobile-friendly.

2. Increase on page loading speed

Google says that a page should open within 3 seconds. However, recent research shows that even a one-second delay is enough to decrease the percentage of conversion rate. You can increase your site’s speed by working on specific aspects such as compressing and caching large file sizes.

website speed
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You can examine the response time of the server and JavaScript loading. HTTP requests need minimizing because if a page has too much, it will take longer to load. Combining your files will help lighten the pages and make them load faster.

3. Work on CTAs

Call to Action makes clients make a decision. Depending on how you place the CTAs, they can be attractive or a turn-off. For them to work out for you, ensure they are specific, short, and straightforward.

call to action
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It is also good to ensure that you position the CTAs properly, shape them correctly, and make them have a bright color.

4. Mobile responsiveness

As more users prefer using their phones to browse, you should also change to make your website easy to find on mobile. Whatever feature appears on a desktop as clients’ search should be the same as that on the phone. As you design your site, ensure you have the mobile user in mind to offer them the best experience.

mobile responsive
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5. Check on content

As much as the changes focus on pages’ experience, that is not to say content no longer matters. As you focus on your site’s technical issues, do not be carried away that you forget to work on the content. High-quality content will still be an element used to rank pages highly.

content check
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As such, your published posts should be unique to meet users’ needs. Evergreen content is also vital since it will keep visitors coming to your site not only now but even for years to come. Once it is in place, you will have to optimize it to meet the algorithm updates requirement.

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