Facebook is expanding its Climate Science Information Center

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Nature and technology are the two entities that need prior heed in the world at the moment. While technology has been growing at a better speed than ever, mother nature needs to heal and buckle up sooner. To let the process gain momentum, Facebook has come up with its own initiative to look into the matter.

Climate Science Information Centers around the world are the key sources from where people can gain correct info about the changes taking place on earth. But like the pros and cons of technology, a lot of fake news has also been spread which needs lessening at the earliest.

These Information Centers were there in Germany, France, the UK, and the US. Newer Centers have now been established in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Mexico, the Netherlands, Nigeria,  Spain, South Africa, and Taiwan. 

Climate Experts around the world are badly worried about the ongoing situations on earth. There are obviously a lot of natural disasters happening around the world which can be witnessed right in front of our eyes. But a lot of phenomena can only be felt and their results can be understood in a long run.

What can be done to stop these slow but steady destructions is a matter of great concern to environmentalists. One reason why the inhabitants of the earth are damaging their own habitat is the lack of information. We may precisely say that the spread of false info and not the correct info is what the destruction is prompted by. 

It is, therefore, an utmost important task to lead people to be surrounded with correct and informed info. What can be a better platform than Facebook is to run a campaign to save the earth by making people aware of their own ecology. 

When the various myths about carbon emission and global warming are at their peak, Facebook has brought in climate communication experts from George Mason University, the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, and the University of Cambridge.

Nancy Groves, of the UN Environmental Programme, has said, “A healthy planet depends on everyone, everywhere and that starts with people having access to accurate and timely information. We look forward to continuing to work with Facebook on this new effort to dispel myths and to provide access to the latest science on the climate emergency.”

Facebook is not only trying to spread reliable info to its users but also redirecting them to the Information Centers to make them delve deeper into their matter of query. Facebook is therefore doing its bit in the global upliftment of the condition of Nature. This initiative needs to be hailed by one and all.

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