ZTE announced their world’s first under-screen 3D structured light technology, which will help achieve 3D face recognition without bangs. The company’s Terminal Business Unit released the news to the world on February 19th.

As we know, no one does it better than Apple when it comes to 3D face recognition for smartphones. However, the iPhones use many components integrated into the devices’ bangs that can complicate the process.

But now, ZTE has successfully achieved a way for the 3D face recognition without the said bangs. ZTE’s technology will include hidden 3D structured light technology under the screen.

This 3D structured light technology will help the device with 3D face recognition and improve the screen-to-body ratio by removing the bangs simultaneously.

According to the reports, ZTE will show off-screen 3D structured light technology at the Shanghai MWC alongside the second-generation mass-produced under-screen camera technology. Reports also state that ZTE Axon 30 Pro will be the first to sport the second-generation off-screen camera technology.

As per the claims, the new machine Axon 30 Pro has the strongest imaging system in the industry in 2021. But we still have to wait till the demonstration to see if ZTE can live up to their claim or not.