How do people make money by playing online games?

If you enjoy playing games online, you may have wondered if it is possible to make money whilst playing them. Online casino games cost money to play but wouldn’t it be great if there was a consistent way in which you could secure a profit whilst having fun?

Some individuals do make a lot of money from playing online games, but it is not as easy as you may have hoped. The following article will dive into the intricacies of making money through online games and how some people come out on top.

Luck or Skill?

You may have come across people who claim to have a system for beating a certain casino game. They may tell you that their system works every time and they have worked out how to beat the system. If that is the case, that person is not telling the truth.

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The simple reality is that there is no full-proof way of winning casino games every time. Each time you place a wager or pay to play, you are risking a loss. Most casino games involve large elements of luck. Any game that involves luck cannot be manipulated so that you always come out on top.

However, having said this, that does not mean that you cannot make a profit from playing online games. What it does mean is that in the long run, across all players playing online casino games, the casino will win.

Identifying luck-based games is a straightforward task. If you are playing games by an online casino against the house and no other players, then it is luck-based.

Skill-based games on the other hand are where the money is made. These games are played against other players and not the house. The online casino will take a small cut for hosting the game but ultimately it is the player that wins.

As the name suggests, skill-based games require just that – skill. These games can be sustainable methods of winning money if you have the skills to win them on a consistent basis. Some people play skill-based games like poker professionally and can make a lot of money doing so.

Casino games and slots

One country which is well known for its love of slot machines is Finland. A spokesperson for popular casino review website said: “In Finland, it is not uncommon for game halls or even slot games to be a feature of bus terminals, supermarkets, and malls. Playing slot games is not a taboo unless the person is under 18, so we have a super relaxed approach when it comes to real money games.”

Like the Finnish casino games and slots are your thing, then there is some good news and some bad news when it comes to making money. The bad news is that these games are always stacked in the casino’s favor and eventually you are statistically likely to be worse off for playing them.

There is no such thing as a professional slot player or a professional roulette player because these games rely on luck. The odds are stacked against you and in the long run, you are statistically likely to lose. There is little if anything, you can do to give yourself a better chance of winning and there is nothing you can do to make yourself more likely to win than the casino.

The good news is that the above is an average. As these games are based largely on luck, there is nothing stopping you from being one of the lucky few who make a lot of money playing these games. The casino’s edge is minimal and designed to play out in the long run to make them money. This means that in any given spin or hand, you are not hugely up against it to win money. The long-run refers to hundreds or even thousands of plays and there is nothing to guarantee that the odds correct themselves. This means that you can go on long winning runs if you are lucky enough.


There is no way to influence the odds in favor of a jackpot win but if you do hit one, you are set. No matter how much you play, a jackpot win is likely to keep you in profit for good. Jackpots still allow casinos to remain in profit but for the lucky few, it can be life-changing.


Bonuses are a good way to help tilt the odds back towards you. Free spins and free play allow, you to play with no risk but big potential rewards. To acquire these bonuses, you will likely have to risk some of your own money, but the bonuses offered certainly make this more appealing. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for promotions and shop around for the best deals.

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