Sony files for a patent that transforms daily objects into game controllers

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Very recently a foreign media outlet published a report that claims that Sony had exposed a new patent in the month of February that allows bananas, oranges, or other non-electronic objects to be used as gaming consoles or handles. As of late, the tech industry has seen a boom of game control technologies, such as wireless connection, gyroscope, tactile feedback, and so on.

Although the list, by no means, is exhaustive, there are some issues with its derived controller devices which are seen as more complicated, some are even more expensive, and some come with charging problems. Sony, who already reigns over the gaming market, has taken it upon itself to resolve issues in this particular area.

Sony’s patent description reads, “If users can use cheap and simple non-electronic devices as game peripherals, it will be very attractive.” As for the method, the main method is to use a camera device that can recognize objects to capture the object in the player’s hand and then map the virtual button by tracking the surface of the object to make it have the function of a handle. These non-luminous electronic devices can be bananas, oranges, mugs, pens, glass, etc. These objects have no internal sensors. We call them passive objects because they do not actively generate or emit data (such as light or signals). So that the camera device can track the object.”

The motion capture technology for which the company has filed a patent will make any objects in the hands of the players into game controllers. The content of the patent mentions the possibility of rotating bananas in 3D space and using PSVR. Players can also use two bananas as handles at the same time. However, filing for patent applications does not guarantee that Sony will market it in the future.

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