Facebook is working on an app exclusively for ex-prisoners

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Facebook is developing a new special app called The Re-Entry App. Facebook will target those who have recently been released from prison with this app.

The social media giant hopes that this app will let those people adjust to a life outside of prison more efficiently. Apparently, Facebook sent out a notification regarding the new app to some users of the social networking site Instagram on March 25th.

Life after prison becomes increasingly difficult to navigate. The prison-sentence not only makes it difficult for them to acquire a job, but it also limits their employment choices. In most cases, they again end up living a life of crime due to unavoidable circumstances. The new app will help people in numerous ways so that they get a chance at betterment.

The announcement offered its service members to gain access to the newly created platform through registration. However, the public announcement apparently lasted only for a limited amount of time as Facebook later removed the post from public access.

Official reasons cited for this by a representative of the company are that as of now, Facebook needs to work on its development to eliminate the various problems that are sure to arise, especially those associated with adaptation in society among representatives of this social group.  

Earlier in March, there were a few reports of Facebook’s plans to create a new version of the Instagram app for children under the age of 13. Vishal Shah, the vice president of the product for Instagram, emphasized that it has become increasingly necessary to develop a safe version meant exclusively for children.

In early February, the same social media platform had tightened its privacy policy and reworked its policy concerning hate speech. The platform also decided to remove the accounts of those who violated these rules. However, how the new app for ex-prisoners pans out is something to look forward to.  

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